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Why I am seeing this page?

If you have arrived here from a website, it indicates that either you or the owner of the website you are attempting to visit has an outstanding payment for their website services.

Are You the Owner of the Website?

If you are the owner of the website and find yourself on this page, it signals that your website payment is overdue. Kindly settle your outstanding dues and proceed to the website activation page. Activate your website using the provided license key to ensure uninterrupted service.


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How to Clear Overdue?

To clear your pending overdue, please contact the Modernlisim support team via WhatsApp at +92 300 3969068 or email at

How to Get a License Key?

Once your payment is cleared, you will receive your License Key via email. If you haven't received it for any reason, reach out to our support team through Live Chat, WhatsApp, or Email.

I Already Have a License Key. What's Next?

If you've already obtained the license key and wish to activate your website, visit the Website Activation Page. Enter your website's name, domain (without http:// or https://), input your license key, and click on the activate button.

I've Activated the Website, but Still Redirected to Overdue Page?

If you've activated the website and are still being redirected to the overdue page, please contact us via WhatsApp. Our team will investigate the matter for you. If your dues are paid, your website will be automatically activated, and you will be notified.

Do You Overcharge for Website Activation?

No, we do not overcharge, and there are no hidden fees. If your project was completed, delivered, and your payment is overdue, you will only see the overdue page.

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